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Carbon Fibre Rotor Blade Answered

I wish to construct a pair of 70cm long carbon fibre rotor blade for my rc helicopter. The inner part of the blade is hollow to reduce weight. I understand that I need to make a two-piece mould out from a sample blade, with some kind of rasin. Any idea or suggestion is very much wellcome. Thanks to all for sharing.


Resin. Like fiberglass. You could make you mold from fiberglass. Then you use a release agent that will keep the carbon fibre from sticking to the mold. When working with carbon fibre be very careful. That stuff is very bad for the lungs and little slivers get into you skin and work their way in. Much worse than cut fiberglass. Good luck and show us an instrucgtable of it.

Basically I know what is needed and the safety rule about making this carbon fibre blade.
I was just hoping someone who had done this paticular project could share his expeience.
Anyway, thanks for your time.

I'm glad you know the need for safety in using carbon fiber.

I've never molded blades using carbon fiber, I was just telling you what I used to form the mold for the soaring fuse. that I made.

Hope you find the info you are looking for.