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Cardboard - Click Lock know how? Answered

Hi, thanks for stopping by. I want to construct a very large cardboard box (approx. w2m x h2m x d1m) and I would very much appreciate any thoughts on how to make a hinge and re-closeable door on one of the faces of the box *please*. I estimate the thickness of the box walls will be about 10mm. Kind regards Kevin


A-ha! It turns out that an extremely clever cardboard-smith has been hiding in our midst (well, on the periphery of our midst). Kiteman's son has come up with what I vote The World's Most Clever Cardboard Hinging Device.

(I'm not quite sure how it will scale up to 2-meters-minus-a-bit, or just where you'll find a kebab on a skewer that long; but the concept is proven - minor details like those are to be ironed out in development, right? :)

What a clever guy! The bamboo skewer hinge idea is inspired. Along with your suggestion to cut the cardboard just enough so that it leaves one skin intact is also mint. I think it might make sense to combine the two ideas: a short hinge of 2 inches at the top and bottom, skinned and re-inforced with tape as you say. While writing this I also believe I have found my cardboard click-lock. Several pieces of cardboard glued together (2 inch square) - cut in half so that the corrugation lines up and the use a skewer to lock it! You guys are simply amazing. A big thank you. I can't wait to crack on and take pics and I will post them. Kind regards and many,many thanks for your extended trouble; I'm very honoured and humbled. Kevin

Wow! And here I I thought I was just yanking your chain about sending you to scour the length and breadth of Britain in search of a six-foot kebab. :) Please do post pics - I'd love to see how this works out.

#2 Son is quite pleased to have helped.

I wonder why the Best Answer button was missing? This is my best answer! Thanks, Gorfram! It's a Sun Room for a friend who gets SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) during the winter months. We were looking for ideas in general and came upon a hydro store and they had a tent with a bright bulb in it and he sat in it for 20 minutes and came out laughing like Crusty the Clown! However it is important that the box/sun room does not leak too much light as his wife does not want her sleep to be disturbed. thanks for the graphic,Gorfram, that's uber-cool! and many thanks for your time - I seriouslyhope I can help with any of your queries. ;-)

It's missing because this is a forum topic, not an "Answers" topic.

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It's easy enough to hinge corrugated cardboard just by scoring it not quite all the way through and using the remaining "ligament" of the cardboard covering as your hinge. (I'm assuming your cardbaord is corrugated?) But this will tear out with repeated use. Reinforcing the hinge itself and all the attachment points, corners and cut edges with duct tape or reinforced paper tape would help - I'm just not sure whether it would help enough...

You could probably make a simple (I'm not sure what to call it) bar latch/swing latch/latchstring latch like the one pictured below (image from an online book found here) out of cardbaord, using something like a brass brad for the pivot pin. You could even pull the latch string in whenever you want to be quiet and private inside your cardboard demi-kiosk.

If you don't mind saying, to what end are you building yourself this little cardboard cosy? (Not as your primary residence, I hope.)

latch with latchstring.jpg