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Cardboard Playhouses Answered

Greetings all, I'm wondering if any of the members ever work in cardboard for children's toys or playhouses ? I'm finishing a belated Xmas gift for my niece, a six sided cardboard tee pee that breaks down into 12 easily stowed sections and fastens with releasable zip-ties. All the material aside from adhesives and said fasteners were recycled from local appliance and furniture retailers so it's a very green eco-friendly item. Should there be any interest I will post the plans and material list at a later time.


I'd like to see your instructable for a cardboard playhouse/tee pee.

All needed plans now in my gallery here at Instructables, enjoy !

tee-pee door.jpgtee pee pattern.jpg

What I have is a rough set of instructions and patterns on paper as not yet fully prepared a 'traditional' Instructables presentation. That said, more than happy to e-mail you the materials list and such, the tee pee assembles fairly easily and offers latitude for personal design touches. M patron_zero@hotmail.com

This is a rough drawing of the pattern for the cardboard tee pee, it's six sided so hex shaped rather than round, The drawing has specs for either a tee pee constructed of 12 panels (six upper/six lower) or six large panels. Poles can be made from white PVC pipe or wood trim-furring strips if so desired to raise the structure off the ground-floor otherwise interior 'tabs and slots' or duct tape should join the panels together.


10 years ago

I brought my daughter home a large box from work once, and cut a door in it, added a doorknob, let her color on it with markers/etc. It was pretty popular (I think she was 5 or so at the time?)

See also How to build a cardboard castle and the there-referenced Mr McGroovy site