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Carrying bee hives full of bees. Answered

   Hi! I've got some bee hives. I have to change their place. Here, somebody told me that, I couldn't carry them direct to the place 50 metters far. They told,, if I have to carry, I only can carry them maximum 1 metter per day or, I have to carry them minimum 6 kms far, and atfer a day I can take them to the place where I want.
   So, now, how I have to do this difficult work. Is there any else way?
   I need this information as soon as possible please. Thank you very much.





Best Answer 8 years ago

Your friend told you correctly. The quickest way to move a hive 50m is to move it a few miles then pick it up a week later and put it back where you want it.


This has been my educational moment for today. Thanks for the link.