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Casey Anthony Trial Answered

Instructables was just mentioned during testimony by a computer forensics guy. It seems someone on her computer was visiting Instructables looking for information on Chloroform.


Today, during the testimony of Cindy Anthony (Casey's mother), the prosecutor asked her if she visited "Instructables.com". Just wanted to clear up the posts from earlier this month :)

In her testimony, Cindy Anthony spoke of how she initially started Google searching "chlorophyll" in because one of her dogs was extremely tired all the time from, what she believed, was eating bamboo outside. She said chlorophyll in some red/brown plants can have bacteria that is associated with chlorophyll production and that some species of seaweed and algae can naturally produce it; this is reason that prompted her to look up Chloroform.

Mrs. Anthony said that she did not remember making searches for "How to Make Chloroform", but knew that she had searched Chloroform.

When asked if she visited druglibrary.org, she answered, "Oh, all the time."

"Instructables.com?" "Mmm, don't know."

"Sci-Spot.com/chloroform?" "I don't know if it came up that way." "Were you on that website 84 times?"

:) Hope that satisfied all inquiring minds. I'd post up the link, but I don't know if that's against any website rules? If someone is kind enough to tell me, I will post it.


Istructables is mentioned at 26:05.

I accidentally synthesized chloroform once, I was bored so I mixed household chemicals together to see what happened (nothing detrimental to my health). I googled the stuff I made later on and it turns out that the acetone and bleach reaction made something that ate through the cup I used, which figures since the wikipedia article says its used as a solvent-cement for acrylic.

Searching for Casey Anthony chloroform instructables gets a single hit, from a "witty" comment on a blogger page, back in May, that has been seen 2,298 times as I type.

The comment was;

Of course if she had read Instructables.com this vacation might have been avoided. Sleepy-Time Smoothie.

Searching for Casey Anthony chloroform only gets hits that mention google searches and wikipedia pages.

If Instructables was "just" mentioned (sounds like this user was watching the trial), the transcript may not have hit the web yet.

Anthony apparently went looking for any how-to she could find on the subject of chloroform, sedating children, or DIY household weaponry.

It *sounds* plausible: http://www.cnn.com/2011/CRIME/06/08/florida.casey.anthony.chloroform/

I searched for how to make chloroform, and there were no Instructables hits in the first ten pages (although this post may have just changed that!).

During testimony about the chloroform searches it was noted that she visited other site researching other topics. "Weapons made from household items" and "self defense" she could have arrive at Instructables from other searches besides Chloroform.

Was Instructables actually named, though?

During the initial prosecution questioning of John Dennis Bradley (CEO and computer forensics expert) the term "Instructable" was used. He never added a dot com to the end. It might have been a Freudian slip of some sort as he might be aware of the site. I believe he was referring to the site as a possible place that someone who needs to lookup information relating to the creating of weapons created out of household items. Looking back over my transcript I do not think there was any evidence of Casey Anthony visiting instructables.com -

I object to your line of questioning. It is raising suspicion on the accuracy of the reporting and casting doubt on our witness. Until the primary source is cited, we should all jump to conclusions and start gathering resources for Robot's defense.

(Starts preparing balloons filled with chloroform, the stacks wedged in place with copies of the Anarchists' Cookbook.)

Right. I am actually transcribing as we speak. Actually, we're in recess right now.

No - I'm a technical writer/artist for a global news agency. But this isn't my normal job. My normal job is much more fun than this.

Going through 2 pages of Google hits, I could not find the word instructable nor instructible (in case they misspelled it) on any of the sites....

If the implications which immediately spring to mind are correct, that would be horrific.