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Casino Chip USB Flash Drive Answered

I was thinking of making a simple chip flash drive by taking apart my Cruzer and using some hot glue to mold two casino chips together, with the chip in the middle. My friend did this with a (one) lego block, but this is a little different.
I wanted to take this idea to you guys, just so I could make sure it's a good one. Think I should try it out?


Yeah, A lot like that. Thanks for the page!

Now that you know about the prior art, please make sure you mention it in your Instructable (even if it's just, "Someone pointed this out to me after I came up with my idea").

Unless you are this guy, then make it.  You might want to scrape out some of the chip to fit your thumb drive guts so it would fit well together.  Put up an instructable of it.  Good luck.

Ah, well at least he used ALL his remaining brain cell to pull off that robbery LOL