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Caster/Crazy Wheel on a car? Answered

So I have this great idea, at least I think its great essentially you buy a very cheap front wheel drive car, take off the rear wheels and put two giant casters on it.  I think it would be a blast, the amount of G forces you could pull with a 1 cylinder engine would be insane.  What are your opinions, tips, ideas? Have you heard of this before?


Like the car frollard talks about yo will probably will need outriggers or some other structure because there isn't really a good place to attach casters underneath a car. Possibly the frame but that would put the rear wheel further forward and would throw the balance way off. Also casters are skinny so you will need them out wide to prevent a rollover.

The amount of Gs you could pull would be no more than you could pull doing donuts in a rear wheel drive car, probably less. The front wheel are responsible for both steering and power, this means when you break them loose in a spin or donut you lose power transfer from the wheels to the pavement and, on dry ground, you quickly come to a stop. What would happen is it would go fine in a perfectly straight line but as soon as you try to turn the back is going to flip around and you'll spin 180, at most close to 360, degrees because the front wheels are still sticky and that's where the weight is.

If you want to do a bunch of crazy spins get a car with 4 wheel steering and RWD and put casters on the front. It would almost entirely uncontrollable but you could keep a spin going.

I hope you have a really big area to mess it because I think this is going to be uncontrollable.

A small family car weighs in at around a ton. Some castors you need!

Look at the way the rear wheels are made - They are fairly substantial wouldn't you say?

When you remove the rear wheels what will you do about the - Hand brake - The brakes in general - The other stuff that resides under the rear of a car.

In our local area there is a pickup truck with outriggers and casters on that; the outriggers default to not touch the ground but the passenger (driving instructor) can hydraulically actuate them lifting the weight of the vehicle in all four corners putting the vehicle in an 'ice like' skid to train what it's like . Applying brakes and power have a similar effect to a real skid, allowing the driver to develop muscle memory of the correct actions to take.