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Cat Food Bag Recycle? Answered

Any new ideas for this cat food bag? It's too big for a wallet, and making a purse or messenger bag out of it just seems... redundant. I mean, it's already a bag, right? But my brain isn't coming up with anything else more creative. Its really too cool to throw away though. It's wonderfully shiny and colorful on the outside, and it appears to actually be woven together of some sort of tyvek material. It looks like it would survive a lot of abuse. I've got basic sewing skills, and whatever materials that I don't have around the house I can pick up from Lowes, Walmart or Joanns. :-)


can cut it up in strips and make a rag rug


10 years ago

Hmm... sew (or melt?) a couple of them together into a reusable grocery bag?

A bag so you can use to go get more Friskies ! :-) Wouldn't that turn a few heads LOL

Is it seamed down the side? A seam ripper would open it up flat, and then you could do lots of things with it (well, if you had more then one). One could be a placemat, while several would become anything from an emergency raincoat to a tablecloth.

The raincoat idea is compelling. With the Friskies label on the outside it would be very ironic, or I could decorate the white side with sharpies. I also like the idea of making a waterproof ground cloth for picnics and outdoor concerts. Or maybe a cushion for outdoor furniture? Thanks!

I reuse all my cat food bags as garbage bags but since you don't want to throw it out it looks like your cats would enjoy playing in it like one of those "crinkle sack" bags. crinkle sack. Maybe you could rig something to keep the opening open like the one in the link?
Since you like the looks of the outside you could leave it as is until they completely destroy it. They'll probably get tired of it once all the food smell is gone.