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Cat Genie Faster Cycling? Answered

Thank you for all your helpful information on Cat Genie.  I used your rotation arm instructions as soon as I got my Cat Genie 2 years ago.  They were simple and easy to follow

I am also resetting my cartridges and saving tons of money.

I am wondering if you could help with these two additional issues for Cat Genie

1) Inexpensive Cat Genie granules subsitute

2) Speeding up or making the cleaning cycle faster, reducing the time it takes for each cleaning cycle to complete.

Thank you!
Dave Stern
Las Vegas, NV

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onrust (author)2010-08-20

No joke on the personal info!!!! BUT, I used to work in an auto parts store and they had a cat. They used to use absorbent material (like for oil/fluid spills). There are many brands and sizes of medium.

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steveastrouk (author)2010-08-19

Dave, DON't post personal details !!!!

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