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Cataclysm Knex Ball Machine-Update Answered

I finally finished the new lift system for Cataclysm! It uses two CyberKnex motors for the are to go up and back down. When the ball exits the arm, it pushes switches to push the arm back down and reset the mechanism.

Here's a video


Here's a challenge for you. Try making a motorized tilted maze.

I have lots of maze elements planned for this ball machine, and even a new kind of path separator.
But I don't want to give any of my ideas away (it'll be a surprise).


What kindof knew path seperator do you want to do?

Can you make an instructable for the various switches and automatics used in this ball machine lift? I would like to apply your knowlege into my ball machines plus I like fidgety stuff like that.

Genius (tell me if I spelled that right, I'm dutch)

The smily is the wrong way around. You have to make it like this :-)


It's fun to watch when it's going around the ball machine. ;-)

I had like 700$ worth, but my basement flooded and it all got wrecked :(

That sucks! I'm glad I have all my Knex and Legos upstairs.

But the insurance company was really nice. We got new carpets, drywall, and a bunch of other stuff. They gave us a spending limit of 25,000$.

I'll give you all my legos for 100 bucks.  I have a lot of legos, I started collecting them when I was 4, I stopped in 2005.

I'm 13, do you think I'd spend that on Legos? :P

My whole lego collection is worth over $1000 bucks in reality, and it comes with lots of discontinued parts.

Discontinued? I have a set from the 60s.

Wow.  But I have lots of old parts from the 90's. 

I mainly had 5 year old trains and 50 year old classic sets.

I remember my first Lego set... It was a truck and 2 racecars.  I thought you couldn't make the minifigures sit down so I took the legs off when I made the truck driver drive.

My first Lego set was a soccer set. I still have the minifigs and some of the other parts.

That's good. Did you get your Legos back?

Could you please make an instructable on how to make the lift system when your done it is awesome!!!!

Hmm... I might. But it would be very hard to make instructions for it.

Don't get your hopes up, though.

by the way I've just made a small ball machine with a few of my pieces and I'm working on the instructable right now. It has four paths and I hope you like it.



Thanks! That coming from you is an honor. I'll tell you when the instructables ready

This looks great man. Are you planning on adding more tracks to it??


8 years ago

Amazing! How long did it take you to build just the lift? I can't wait for the finished product!

I began building the lift at the end of July.

nice really nice
you one of the best knexers on this site (ball machine expert)