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Cell Phone Jammer Answered

I have alot of Cordless phones with the handsets and i have the bases, i have answering machines , regular phones.  Old cell phones....Is there components in there that i can make a cell phone jammer with?   Im teaching myself electronics by taking things apart,lol  but i still have trouble figuring out what parts are what.    Any help?   thanks.   Ps, i would love to make one with a altoid tin if possible.


Why do these things always turn into a debate about "legality"? Nothing is illegal if there is no one around to enforce the rule. There is no rule if there is no one to enforce it. Go ahead and build the jammer, just be responsible with it -_-....

If you reside in the USA, the FCC prohibits the prevention, jamming or interfering with communications. In fact, in the public notice (which I listed below) to explicitly include cell phones as a telecommunication not to be jammed. Also, if you do create a jammer. Be aware that it will block all telecommunications in and around the target frequencies, so if someone is trying to make a emergency 911 call (happens more then you think) you just blocked that person's only lifeline.


I understand completely. And would not use it illegally. It is more of a can i actually build one, basically for my educational purpose. And, btw i have heard that you may use them for private use such as in your own classroom and stuff but outside of there is illegal. But as i said, its just to see if it can be done.

The act of turning such a device on to see if it works is using it illegally.

there are no legal uses for cell phone jammers. you cannot jam a cellphone without removing it's ability to dial 911, anything that is done to make a communication device not be able to reach emergency serevices is a federal offense.

sure there is legal uses for cellphone jammers the govenment of china does so all the time. the poster also didn't state that he is or isn't from the states "u.s. that is" they how ever can be bought on ebay but thats the easy way about it. the op wants to know how to block cell phone signals then he just has to broadcast on the same feq. with a more power to drown out the o.g. signal. at least thats how i believe it works as im no expert at telecomm. but yes in the usa cellpone jamming is illegal in all 50 states and in obamas case all 51 states or was that 52 states

I work in a state correctional facility and it is illegal for even the State to "jam" cell phone traffic inside of a prison. That is one of many reasons why the inmates want them so badly, so they can do or say what they want with no restrictions with outside contact. There is legislation coming that will soon limited use of jamming in prisons. But till then Charles Manson and others will continue to get contraband phones for his use.

If the building is your own, you can shield it from transmissions. This is essentially making it a faraday cage. Not an active jamming system. Passive absorption of signal.

They should put them in cars. People on phones texting and talking is killing too many teenagers and young adults!!! My best buddy was killed on his motorcyle while stopped at a red light. The woman plowed right into him while she was talking on the phone. They slapped her wrist and sent her on her way! When will the politicians wake up? When one of their loved ones gets killed!