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Cell phone battery Answered

My friend gave me an old cell phone, with no battery. (No it does not have service). I don't know if it even works. It is a Motorola i860. Where the battery goes are four pins. How can I connect a AA, or AAA, etc battery to it to see if it works. The first time I tried it, it got real hot and then the battery smelled like it was burning. The second time it sparked. Is it even possible to do this? If it is, I need to know the voltage, polarity, and what pins to use.


There is an Instructable describing this process here. Be aware of the warnings. If you still need the polarity, please notify me, or others.

Ok, I have know idea about the polarity on the phone. Are all four pins used?

I just did a search and could not find out the polarity. You would probably be best off e-mailing Motorola and asking them the correct polarity.

I found a battery for it and it connected some AAs to it and nothing happend. I think the phone is dead.