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Challenge Answered

I challenge you to be the first on to make a fully functioning knex BRICKS or knex MINI gun. Might be tough.


HEY!!! what if we took a gun already made and make it with mini pieces. i might try that. if one of you is, say which one you r so i dont make the same one...

it wont work because the rods arent to the same scale as the original rods. but you could try making a mini srv1 (that would be fricking awesome!!!) ps.. i had allready thought of that

well they r the same length i dunno it might work

someone already make a functional gun using knex minis.

bricks wont work they have the bump things on them. or do you mean both mini and bricks?

I already made one but it was a basic block trigger and I never bothered to even talk about it.

does it use mini knex? could you show a picture of it next to something like a regular peice of knex