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Change sketch got invalid operation! Answered

I want to change the sketch dimension but I got invalid operation when i try to change it. Also why somes lines are in green? what does that mean?


What system are you using? AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA, ProE, etc.? Usually a green line is at least partially constrained (locked in an axis or plane). The easiest way to tell how something is constrained is to grab it and try to move it around. Make sure you try garbing both the line and it's end points.

There are so many reasons you could be getting this error. Take screenshots of the sketch and the error message and point out what you're trying to change. You can edit this question and add them.


Thanks for helping here. I am using Autodesk 123D. The screen shoot is attached with original question. I can click the object with green lines and move around. Thanks again.

You see the photo on the OP? I'm not seeing it. You can try reuploading on a comment or hosting on an external site like imgur and posting a link.