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Changing old touch screen desktop into desktop monitor Answered

So I have this seriously old touch screen desktop from FEC. I've been browsing around and found how to turn laptop LCD screens into monitors using controller boards, finding them by looking up the model number of the screen. I could probably use find the monitor stuff by myself, but when it comes to the touch screen interface, I'm clueless on what to look for. These are the pictures that I took of the boards and model numbers, and I'm assuming I would need something to either connect to the middle board, or something to replace it. I'm willing to take on the task, I just don't know entirely where to go from here as this is the first time I've really dug deep into something like this. The model number and barcodes are from the back of the monitor. At the end of the think white wire there are a ton of connections that go the the old motherboard of the computer. Is there anyone that might be able to give me a hand on what to find?

Number on the large center board:............................RG9000PB0880   V1.0
                             Below the number there is another number: 0821

Number for the small connector on the far right:.....RG9000PB0260

There's USB1 and AUDIO1 connectors on the large board in the center, and I'm assuming the long board at the bottom is power.

Could it also be possible to change the touch screen controller, run it into my computer via USB, and then find a controller for the LCD screen?

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mpilchfamily (author)2014-01-07

You may have a real hard time finding a way to make use of the touch side of the screen. Usually trying to salvage this sort of thing isn't worth the time and money. You can buy touch screen overlays for your computer. Might be cheaper than trying to salvage this one.

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JKMan (author)mpilchfamily2014-01-08

So it'd be easier and cheaper to just get a new overlay to fit in the housing?

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mpilchfamily (author)JKMan2014-01-08

Don't know. How cheep are you able to get a universal driver that will run the screen itself. I'm saying if you want a touch screen then gt an overlay for an existing monitor.

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