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Charge sony ericsson with Iphone charger? Answered

I want to charge my sony ericsson w580i with my iphone charger.
My SE charger is rated for charging at the current 4,9V but my iphone charger outputs 5,25V.

Is it harmful for the battery in my SE mobile to have a 0,26V current extra?

Or can i put in a resistor between to lower the current from 5,25 to 4,9.

Old charger:
4,9V , 700mA
Iphone charger:
5,25V, 1A.



8 years ago

Hard to say.  It might be OK, if the cell phone has an internal regulator that drops the voltage down to a safe level (say, 3.7V, a common value for lithium batteries).  On the other hand, if it doesn't have that safety feature built in, it could fry your battery.

Can you remove the SE battery and tell us what type of battery it is?  NiCad, NiMH, or Lithium?  What voltage is it?

Of cours.
I just want to point out that my original charger broke down, and the SE stopped charging, it say'd something like ´´ charging failure, remove charger´´
Probably the chargers transformer is broken because it screams allot.
So thats why I´m confident by using the Iphone charger, because I don´´t get any errors.
As an temporary solution I used a 7805 voltregulator but, it still screams allot.

Battery BST-38
Li-Polymer 3,6V
930 mAh

Oh, so you've tried the iPod charger already and it works?  Then you should be OK, but please monitor the battery temperature to make sure it doesn't get too hot.  It'll get warm and that's fine, but hot is not good.

But still can´t I use a resistor just to be safe?
And if so, what ohm should it have.

No, a resistor isn't the right thing to use.  A low dropout 5V regulator is the right thing to use, if you do want to be really safe.  The 7805 won't work though, since it has a dropout of 2V, so the phone will only receive 3V instead of the 5 it's expecting.