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Charging a 9.5V netbook using a 5V USB charger? Answered

Is it possible to use a USB charger to charge a Netbook battery (Asus eee 4G 9.5V)? Basically is there a way to get 9.5V out of a 5V usb charger? Thanks.



Best Answer 8 years ago

That netbook will probably be expecting between 1.5 and 2A to charge its battery.  USB can't supply anywhere near that.  At best the netbook will trickle charge as frollard mentioned.  It'll take hours to charge the battery.  And that's after going through all that DC/DC converter trouble.

So, no.  Get a new charger if that's what's broken.  They can probably be found pretty inexpensively on eBay - possibly for less than what you'd pay to get a 5V to 9.5V boost converter working!

Use the right tool for the job. USB isn't it. What can you get that plugs into the wall?


Not possible without major, major electronic work.

What about a DC-DC Boost converter? I realize that there may be some extra components involved (resistors, caps, etc.). But would this work?

A DC DC converter would work, but you'd end up with a trickle charge.  You only get about 2.5 watts out of a usb port == 5v @ .5A.  If you boost it to 10V you get 250mA  Not a lot of current at all.  Probably not enough to run the netbook - might be enough to separately charge the battery but again -- Very very slowly.

I doubt it, you can only pull a maximum of 5 Watts from a USB charger, the EEE is going to need at least 10 Watts  I'd've thought.

Would something exactly like this work:  http://cgi.ebay.com/MC34063-Based-Switching-Regulator-Adapter-Step-Up_W0QQitemZ350239895823QQcmdZViewItemQQptZBI_Electrical_Equipment_Tools?hash=item518becb10f&_trksid=p3911.c0.m14