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Charter accidentaly deletes 14,000 email accounts Answered

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Officials at Charter believe a glitch in software during routine maintenance caused the e-mail accounts to be deleted. The company is offering $50 credits to customers who were affected.

A company representative told the news service that there was no way to retrieve the messages, photos or other attachments that had been sitting in people's in-boxes when they were deleted.


Where is my email? Oh yea sorry, your account just got deleted...sorry.

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Punkguyta (author)2008-01-29

This is why I use something like Hotmail/Windows live, they're more reliable. I highly doubt that a "software glitch" caused 14,000 email adresses to be deleted. That's a good chunk of data and it would have taken a while, I'm sure some one would have noticed. I'm guessing someone boycotted their system and they're covering it up.

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Nah someone just boycotted their job

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Plasmana (author)2008-07-20

How did the emails get deleted?

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