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Cheap Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) Answered

In the video released by the windbelt creator, he mentions that his PCU only costs about a quarter. I dont know if that is his mass produced price, or his off the shelf price, but does anyone have any ideas about how to make a PCU for say, under a buck?


NEW PRODUCT LIST AND COST IN THE ORDER OF 10K 4x low voltage drop schottky diodes 34.8 cents 2x Ferrite Beads to be determined, probably around 10cents magnet wire a couple of cents capacitor 2 cents or less If anybody knows how to connect the 2 coils that are near the fluttering magnet in series while it's still AC the Cost of this whole thing will be about a quarter

> how to connect the 2 coils that are near the fluttering magnet in series . This should be easy enough to do by trial and error. One way should put out more voltage than the other way.

If the 2 coils have exactly the same number of turns and the magnet at rest is exactly at the centre of the coils(put 2 thin magnets on either side of the belt to allow centering) then : One way will give NO output (as the 2 voltages developed are exactly reverse) The other way will give the maximum. If there is an unbalance there will be one way giving more than the other To maximize PEEK Voltage use only one Schottky Diode(I.e. Charge a Condensor) To maximize PEEK Current use a Bridge of Sch. Diodes(Charging one NiMh) I am waiting for ordered magnets to experiment with it instead of the Hard drive system which is not as efficient due to the length seen by the assembly constantly changes ,marginally but I think (it happens) that it is significant.

yeah, I was talking to fafnir and we're just going to do trial and error. My biggest concern is that the AC sine waves are 180 degrees different than eachother and when you hook them together no current will flow.

Does anyone know how to build the wire coils? I am building the windbelt for a research project for my science class and I am finding that making the coils is the hardest part. Any suggestions?

Just so you know this isn't a super simple thing. The principal is, but how everything worksisn't. right now we're trying to engineer the power supply because you can't use the voltage as is. I'm going to be just using a n old bobbin and a sewing machine so that it winds a nice compact coil.

After some research and a lot of pointing in the right directiong by guyfrom7up, my parts list is as follows:
Um, incomplete, I cant find the max1709 chip he recommended, though its priced on one site as 3.79 each for 1000
4x Diodes at $0.65 each, $2.60
1x Capacitor at $1.09 each, 1.09
1x max1709 at approx $4, $4
so about $7.79 which is waaaaaaay more than a quarter.

Ask for a sample of the Maxim IC. Cost == $0

A 1N4001(50v) cost == $.04 (25/$1.00) here... Sure, shipping is more but that wouldn't be factored into the "quarter estimate." Just try to anticipate all your parts needs for the next couple months ;-) , and order everything at once. The 1N4001 might even be overkill for this project, look for something with < voltage drop (they have small bridge rectifiers, too.)

And you must have some junk, non-working electronics. I get almost all my caps for free.

Ah, I made a thread asking about the low ac to dc conversion and from the replies ended up ordering... 755-RSX501L-20TE25 SHOTTKY 25V 5A TR, Uh, a shottky 25v diode

Yeah, I don't think you'll achieve the $.25 goal without pretty large quantities....

But yeah youre right, those are what, 4 cents each, plus surplus/salvaged caps = 25 cent rectifier with no voltage boost tho.

For a price like that it might be something similar to a Joule Thief A quarter or two seems like a reasonable price for it.

Thats pretty cool, though it would have to be after the rectifying doo-dad since its a DC thing, but it looks like it could/would be cheaper than 4 bucks a pop.

. Have you looked at [TZ7K4K6F7PCMVR3 this topic] - Shawn has posted some info there. Have you tried contacting Shawn directly? . It's possible his PCU is nothing more than a diode. LEDs don't require clean power.

True, but from reading all the stuff hes posted he mentions a couple times that he is using a method to boost the power output to usable levels. That may or may not be included in his PCU, or maybe its what he talks about as a PCU?