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Cheap Slot car track Answered

I LOVE using slot cars. I HATE the price of them. Does anyone know where I can get some cheap slot car track. When I say cheap, I mean less than $60 for a good bit of track. I plan on slowly building up my main straight away(s) to be long so I can test speed. Any site or info would be nice. But' I'm also considering build the track myself. Meaning, I use a router and and a couple pencils and string to build it out of wood. I know it takes time but I'll have 2+ hours a day with nothing to do. Help? Anyone?



8 months ago

Are you still at this. If so my one and only question is what scale is you setup. I have both 1:32 and HO. Had my best success with buying cars and track on eBay. But I did find two whole HO sets on Craigslist really cheap. Both sets needed cleaning and were missing stuff but it was ok. Almost 300 HO track pieces later and still going.

The biggest problem you may encounter is that different companies seem to make thier track a little different. I have track from two different 1:43 scale sets. They are basically the same size. However the slots in the two different brands of track are misaligned.

ya what patrik said those places and stuff get me very far
so take a crack at it

oh man, I don't care if there is an inch of dust on them, i'll take.

. I'd use a metal (eg, steel) for the conductors, instead of pencils (graphite and clay). Pencil leads have too much resistance, which will lead to voltages drops, which means less speed/acceleration. Polish the edge that the shoes ride on to cut down on wear and sparking.

I think that by a couple pencils and string he was referring to using them as a compass.

> using them as a compass . heehee That makes a lot more sense, doesn't it?


10 years ago

I often see slot car tracks at flea markets or garage sales - might be worth a look.