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Cheap eye glitter sealant? Answered

I love wearing glitter on my eyes but hate it when it starts flaking off. Eyeshadows with shimmers and glitter particles are too subtle for the look I'm trying to achieve. Vaseline is too gloopy and so the glitter never stays in place and MAC's EZR is far too expensive for me. Topshop did a glitter sealant a few years ago but I've never seen it since. Anybody seen it in the shops lately? Does anybody have any other suggestions of how to keep eye glitter in place?



8 years ago

Use chapstick. not jelly. chapstick is easy to apply and wont flake off. second solution mix the actuall glitter with water we do this for our baton routines all the time and it works great and is easy jus take some glitter and add a small drop of water like one that would fall from your finger.


9 years ago

Hairspray. I wish I was kidding, but I'm not. Use a pressurized container, and squeeze off a few quick bursts in front of you. Close your eyes, and walk into it. Oddly, it also makes removal easier.

Oh, Knitzy! I fear for your eyes! Thank you for the tip but I don't trust myself not to get it in my eyes. Lol.