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Cheap way to see Galapagos - Volunteer Answered

I am assisting locals from Galapagos with creating a volunteer program that supports conserving the environment and allowing people to see the Galapagos in a more sustainable way.  

We are really geared to people similar to Instructables that are crafty.  For those that dont know, Galapagos has a real problem with invasive species changing the natural habitat and threating the unique animals.  As a volunteer you will work between erradicating introduced plant species (i.e. getting out any rage with a machette), growing and transporting new native species (testing out how green your thumb is) and introducing green technologies to the Hacienda (we are already composting and using the energy produced by wind power).  Volunteers can stay for as little as one week or up to 3 months.  

No particular skills are needed but we would love to have people that can help to introduce new green technologies.

Check out more information on our website: http://www.galapagosesperanza.com

hey are wonderful people and its a wonderful place.  We hope you can assist!


i will Volunteer if you can transport me

As much as I wish we could transport people, we definitely don't have the money to do that. We can show people the cheapest way to get here and save big to see major sites once here with local knowledge.

It's been a dream of mine to some day visit the Galapagos. Just need to be a bit more financially secure.

With regard to getting out any rage with a machete; I imagined some kind of slaughter... so you might want to refine "invasive species" to "invasive plant species"


(Insert mental image of goateed maniac hacking at a giant tortoise's shell as it plods along, eating and ignoring him.)

Thanks...we definitely dont want anyone to think we are hacking up tortoises. The national park does shoot goats as they like to eat the tortoises food but we just keep them in fences so they dont eat anything we dont want.

Goats are introduced species yes. On farms they are ok but they are all over the wild and eat the natural habitat so that the turtles have nothing to eat (their necks are longer so they win the battle). They were brought over in massed in the 1800s. Now they are all over the national park lands and they have to kill them so that they stop eating the vegetation. The idea is eventually they can let the turtles be in the wild again on San Cristobal.

Sounds fun.