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Cheaper, more easy DIY Answered

I think that this site should have a lot more cheap and easy DIY projects...While i think all the projects are great, like the CNC machines and advanced electronics, i really think that we need to have a lot more simplified and easier instructables that are featured that people don't have to go out and buy a 100$ CNC machine for.  I'm not saying that the site doesn't have easy ones, just less of them are featured than harder more complex ones.  Just my two cents, please don't hate.


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When an Instructable is published, there are two sliders to give a relative cost and difficulty for that Instructable, BUT there is currently no way for members to utilize that information. 

Could you add cost and difficulty for each Instructable (maybe under stats)? And could there be a way to search or even just sort Instructables based on the cost and difficulty of making it?

I think the OP has a good point. Not everyone has a large maker budget or access to a CNC machine or other such expensive equipment. They may still browse those Instructables, but IMO, that could be like window shopping at the Ferrari dealership for many of us...

There are many thousands of projects that use simple, cheap materials and equipment, and many, many of them get featured.

If you are referring to the newsletter, that is based on views - if lots of people are looking at the complex projects, then the complex projects will end up in the newsletter.

That's not the site's fault, it's what the readers are looking at.

(Of course, since authors are asked to assign a assign values to their project with a slider, it would be nice if that data could be used to sort projects by cost or difficulty.)

I've thought that myself.... why use the sliding scale for cost and difficulty if we can't utilize that information in our search or viewing of Instructables?

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Yeah, that would be nice...Thanks for the insight :)