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Chemicals in Brazil? Answered


Greetings from Brazil!

I saw your Mold classes and I appreciated it very

Unfortunately here in Brazil we don´t have the
chemicals brands you use and recommend.

Can you please inform the "Technical name" or
active elements for the products?

Sorry, but my English is not so good!

Very well written your text and images for you Mold
classes! Do you have any eBook on it?

Also, great your ceramics works!



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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)2017-02-02

Hi Paulo,

Thanks for your kind words for my class and ceramics!

It looks like you do have a distributor in Brasil for the Smooth-On silicone rubbers I use in the class. Here is a link to their website:


But just in case you want to find a different brand, the material I used in Lesson 3: Simple One Part Mold is a food-safe platinum cure silicone rubber. The material I use in the next two lessons is a tin cure silicone rubber.

And I'm afraid there's no eBook yet! Maybe in the next year or so.

Happy making!

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pemazzei (author)2017-02-03

Hi Paige,

Thanks for the
return and help.

I already visited
the Polisil site and saw they have many useful products!

I asked
about the eBooks because you have a great easiness (is this word correct?) to
produce technical text with illustrations!

I have some
technical eBooks in Amazon. Look for my complete name Paulo Edson Mazzei.

the ceramics, can a contact you via the e-mail address furnished in the site?



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