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Chemistry Question Answered

I am trying to make a small amount of silver fulminate for throw snaps. I am using a recipe from a very old book and it says I should add 70 minimums of concentrated nitric acid. Any ideas on what a modern measurement of a minimum would be, and where I could buy concentrated nitric acid?


The word is minim:

# a British imperial capacity measure (liquid or dry) equal to 1/60th fluid dram or 0.059194 cubic centimeters
# a United States liquid unit equal to 1/60 fluidram

70 minims = 4.14cm3

Do they mean dry cells or somthing like a car battery that has electrolites?Because I thought that the electrolites in a car batterywere made of hydracloric acid.

Sulfuric acid. At least the one's here in the states.

Could there be a reaction 'twixt battery acid and KNO3 to produce nitric acid and a different salt (K2SO4? KCl?)

Hmmm, H2SO4 + (2)KNO3 --> H2 + (4)O2 + K2SO4

Check me out...does that balance ?

Let me talk it out to myself....we start with O4 and O3...in order to balance the equation, I doubled the KNO3 so we now have O3 * 2 and O4 giving us a total of 10 as it were.

We end up with.......yep, you are correct ! it balanced with --> (3)O2

That often happens when I rush though something :-)

Opps, I forgot about the Nitrogen, ... that is what you referred to when asking about it.....hmmm How about this ?

H2SO4 + (2)KNO3 --> (2)HNO3 + K2SO4

A-ha, yes.

Note to self: never try making nitric acid when it's late at night and you're low on iron

And I am a wee bit out of practice LOL

(You'll never be able to buy it unless you can get somebody to "lend" you their business credentials.)

Are you going for silver or:

how to extract pure sodium from coins ?

In US coins, if there is any silver left, it is very minute.

Sorry about thats I mean silver minute do you mean?

minute, as in very small (pronounced my - nute).

Dang it! I should not have written that when I was writing a paper for my German class. I meant to say how minuet is the amount of silver is in a U.S coin?

I am sorry ? I don't understand. A minuet is an elegant ballroom dance common in the 18th century, characterized by small, dainty steps danced in leisurely, triple meter.

The small, tailed amphibian that lives in a tank in my lab is called Titch....

... because he's my newt!

(Strangely, the kids don't get it)

Ah that elusive creature who's tail comes off to allow him to escape predators.

Thanks very much. There was also a part in the book that tells how to extract pure silver from coins. Do you have any idea if coins still contain silver or anything you know of has silver in it? I remember reading something about drug addicts using nitric acid to make crack or something.That must be why it is so hard to get.

It's hard to get because it is dangerous - highly corrosive and its reactions can often be explosive.

As to the question of sulphuric acid:

[http://In laboratory, nitric acid can be made from Copper(II) nitrate or by reacting approximately equal masses of potassium nitrate (KNO3) with 96% sulfuric acid (H2SO4), and distilling this mixture at nitric acid's boiling point of 83 °C until only a white crystalline mass, potassium hydrogen sulfate (KHSO4), remains in the reaction vessel. The obtained red fuming nitric acid may be converted to the white nitric acid. Note that in a laboratory setting, it is necessary to use all-glass equipment, ideally a one-piece retort, because anhydrous nitric acid attacks cork, rubber, and skin, and leaks can be extremely dangerous. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nitric_acid].