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Chevrolet Astro / Safari owners opinions sought plz. Answered

Hi guys,
Im thinking of getting an Astro or Safari and just wanted to know what other owners out there in Instructables Land thought of them.

We get a few imports over here in the UK either directly from the Sates or via Japan, they typically have low mileage, if it is to be believed!

Just wanted to know if there was a particular year to avoid?

Im tempted to go for an AWD for towing and getting out of winter difficulties. Is  the AWD reliable?

Ok so they are thirsty, but I can cut costs (and mpg) by converting to LPG.

Are they easy to work on? There'a lot of light bulbs to change in the interior! Not much room under the 'dog house' by the look of it....

Any help extremely appreciated :)