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Chicken eggs? Answered

Hi chicken experts.  I have a broody hen and so decided to get some fertile chicken eggs for her to hatch. Now I have bought a mixed lot and so would like to garner opinion as to what I might get out of them.

Possibility from the breeders are Welsummer, Cream legbar, Light sussex, to name but a few poeeibilities.

Photo attached,


I found a chart that might be of help to you... Unfortunately they don't use photos, but they list the breeds and the shell color they produce. They also say up front that its a generalization, as there is significant variations with eggs of the same breed. That being said, it may be very difficult to figure out precisely what you have until they hatch...

Thanks I saw the chart and was hoping for some experience to help in the absence of pictures.

Guess I will just have to wait until they hatch.

There are current Avatar names in that list of hens ;-)

really? lol... now when someone gets me mad, I can consult the chart and say "You're a chicken". :P

garner opinion as to what I might get out of them.

...erm. Chickens

Hurrr Hurrr!

Ok I didn't express quite as I intended.

Anyone have an idea as to the success rate of hatching postal eggs under a broody chicken.

before anyone suggests it i have also asked on a chicken specialist web site but I can't post pictures there.

I think the dark brown eggs are from a Welsummer chicken the colour is pretty distinctive.

Karlpintur: different breed do lay different colour eggs, Welsummer ar well known for their dark terracotta eggs shell

Cream legbars lay greenish blue eggs others may be less specific.

Chickens with red ears lay brown eggs and chickens with white or pale ears lay white eggs - mmmm now where are a chickens ears?

Anyway thanks guys I let you know in 22 days or so.

I think the hatching success will depend on the viability of the eggs and how good a hen is. I know some hens are better at it than others but in general it is a built in thing for them to know what to do. Some just seam to be more maternal than others.
The egg suppliers should be able to tell you what the chicks should be. Unless they are all running loose together and in that case it will depend on which rooster was the closest.

They are a mixed bunch although they do pure breeds so they should know at least the possibilities.awaiting an answer from them

I (think I) know 3 things about chicken eggs:

1) Colouration means NOTHING.

2) (less certain) It is nigh-on impossible to identify breeds from eggs alone (and it may not even be certain that the bottom-middle egg in your second picture will have come from a larger chicken than the top-right in the same picture).

3) The egg came before the chicken (unless you're a Creationist).