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China's List of Banned Websites Answered

Here is a nice info-graphic of the websites china's government blocks their population from visiting.

I don't know if this is the full list, but these are probably the most important ones.

Pretty interesting, We are not banned yet are we ?
Its only a matter of time :)


Does anyone have any idea why Eighty-Nine is censored, and June?

 June isn't blocked.

June 4th is.  They just split it up so the text would look like china...

Think Tiananmen Square.

I see. I was thinking July (4th) except, for whatever reason in June. Thanks for clearing it up.

Do you happen to have any idea about eighty-four being blocked?

 Eighty-nine you mean?

You'll never guess when the tiananmen square protests took place  (I'll give you a hint, in the image, the answer lies in the third line up from the bottom).

Most Chinese people have been brainwashed for 60 years. .Thank God! I was sober! I am not afraid of the Communist Party! I am not afraid of assassination! But I fear drowning in red cheating in! Help!

I am Chinese, but I hate the Communist Party! Save my thoughts now!

 The context of this image is that if viewed in china, all those censored phrases would have disappeared, leaving a china shaped gap.

im almost 100% sure they cant block parts of one image an not others,

that would require every single image to be downloaded, scanned for words using one of those op programs then run the words past a filter then opened in an image editing program, scanned again to find the words exact location editied out and then re-uploaded to a server

possibly if it was a block of text that could be done but its an image, maybe something was lost in the process of this being sent around but they definitley cant do that

I'm chatting with someone in China right now.  Sent them the image and asked what they see.  They are not using any service to get around the Great Firewall.  She could see the entire image - red words and all.

I am Chinese, but I hate the Communist Party! Save my thoughts now!

Thanks for clarifying :D

I see what you mean, but I think blocking something like Child abuse, or criminal activities is understandable.

However, like they said, most people who post this stuff will be able to get through the filters. Also, who's to say the people who choose what sites to ban won't get trigger happy? (Ban websites that aren't bad)

 The Chinese are just blocking what they consider criminal activities.

This is from the report, many of these things are NOT criminal.

"In addition to the blacklist, filtering a wider range and volume of material to provide some level of protection to children using the internet [was tested].

Content on the inappropriate for children test list included:

Yes, you're right. Not criminal, but (most) are inappropiate for children.
However, adult, gambling, and gross content won't always come up with 18+ material.

But the logic seems to be, because children might see, adults will not be allowed to see it.  And in no way do I believe the "protect the children" is anything but a smoke screen for a government power grab.

Good point. The only fix to that issue I could see if proving to the government that you're over 21, so you can legally go on the (non criminal) sites. That would be very hard if not impossible, and a minor could easily go on your computer or computer account to view the sites.

And now you can't even add a comment to their forum.....they want you to email them....right, that is going to happen - not.

The Government maintains the filter is not designed to curtail freedom of speech.

Like the government maintained once that slavery was ok  and that making the rich richer would provide "trickle down" for the poor......yeah,  I trust them as far as I can throw them....


8 years ago

When I was in China recently I accessed Instructables regularly... I hope it doesn't end up on the ban list.  It only took me about an hour to figure out how to get around their firewalls though.  

Looks like the list is a little dated though.  I see flickr on the list and i know that is not currently blocked.  If Instructables came up in the first results for people setting up VPNs or proxies then I bet it would be on the ban list.  Just about any site that tells you how to get around firewalls tends to be blocked.  But google cache can sometimes help out with that!

I set up a user on a domain host i use and then set up Putty as a ssh client.  Like this... http://thinkhole.org/wp/2006/05/10/howto-secure-firefox-and-im-with-putty/

I need to brush up on it... I'll be back there in three weeks!

 Cool!  Make sure to post updates!  (and an instructable on how to take down China's Government)

Yahoo! was not blocked, and neither was Hotmail or a few other sites. This graphic is a bit misleading. Good thing they blocked Fox News and the BBC though. Nothing was lost there.

BBC is very good news reporting

CNN is blocked but not BBC. (Currently.)


Bringing the banhammer down on disney.com.

 Wait... Gamefaqs?

What the...

That's some major stuff!

But they don't block offmy.in, coverme.in or any of the other ones?

At the bottom of that picture it says Jan 10th 2008, these websites may be unblocked since then, so this may be outdated like Zieak said.

More likely, the list is now longer...