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Chindogu Reading. What?! Answered

Hi there,

Welcome to my Chindogu reading topic, a topic thats all about going nowhere while reading to a climax thats not going to come.
So sit back, relax and read all about nothing while getting the end presented to you on a golden platter at a moment you really dont want to know it yet...

Chapter 1:

A long time ago, in a country far, far away from your bedside, there lived a princess called Esmeralda the Goody good girl.
Her single purpose in life, or so she was told, was to become the outstanding and most beautifull wife off Prince Ötstanding the Öwsome.
But she didnt want to become his wife, in fact, she didnt want to have anything to do with him at all!
He was ugly as the night and his heart was colder than the deepest pits of frosen Frostmounten, the place where only the most decripit ones of evil people would dare to dwell...
One day a little bird flew into her window while she was eating breakfast.
It was a meager meal made out of cereals, oranges and molten cheeses, mixed togheter into a bowl of EEEUGH!
"OMG! IM SO F*CKING HUNGRY, I NEED SOME FREAKIN PROTEINS!" she cried in agony and chomped down on the unsuspecting bird!!!
Covered in birds blood and feathers she stood up and realised she had her own willpower to drive her into the future.
So she jumped out of the window and flew away using the birds feathers that cover her body!

The butler did it!

The prince gotten word of this happening trough the word of mouth principal and went running towards the castle.
Hoping to find his upcoming beautifull wife still alive down the steps where she was attacked by hamburgers from a turkish dinerroom called "Uematsu" from Japan.
Word of mouth principal isnt the most reliable way of information handling...
While entering the castle where his wife supposedly was dieing on the ground, the sky broke open and there came the allien hord of green marsians.
Spaceships blocked all sunlight and made it imposible to look anywhere else but up!

So... what you think about my Chindogu Reading?
Make me proud my fellow iblers, and leave your own Chindogu Reading's for all the world to see!

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AriedeB (author)2012-11-27

Well, that didnt go to well...

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