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Christmas Knex Guns!!! Answered

Okay, so i wanted to make a list of all the knex guns coming out at christmas, so could you tell me them? I would like a list, (i think i already said that) soooo, give me a comment!
STLR Seleziona's top loading rifle
KFSA Knex freek's semi-auto
TJASTR2 The jamalam's gun
TBBR2 The burrito master's gun 
PP19 Logic Boy's gun
Silent assassin's secret replica
Another Replica by Killer~Safecracker
Dutchwarlord's bullpup t.a.r. 21
Raikou-san's new slingshot
Mr.muggle's oodammo caliber sniper rifle
The Dunkis' oodasault V3.6 (maybe) 
Owen mon 82397's gun
Ksc and knexfreeks repeating crossbow collab
Knex mad's new turret breach loading gun
Kinetic's pump action sling gun (maybe)
Erikos kostariko's sr-v3 (maybe)
Master dude's MAR 2 

Which ones are you waiting for? I really want the KFSA, and the TBBR2!



8 years ago

i making silentassasins m16 with alot of mods (nearly the whole gun!)

Is it any good?

well ive done the barrel and its AMAZING! the triangle is facing the right way now and its more stable! when im done i will show you pics on it!

just have to do the stock....

and what is the triangle you were talking about?

What is wrong with it?

uhm maybe i'm gonna post the SR-v3...
But i'm not sure.

If you want so, you can do it.
I'm at THIS moment bussy with some instructions =P

At the moment I'm too lazy to do the work with the computer, but I already have the pictures.=]

ARGH!Me doesn't like it when someone is smarter then my!!!But you is!!!=D

you should put a link next to the guns if there posted

Damn! I will be in Spain on Christmas.
I will have to wait 5 days to build your guys christmas presents. :(

I'm not sure what you're saying cuz I don't know Italian. But if I had to guess I would say you are saying: Do you speak Italian.

OMG!!!! All these guns are coming out on the 24th....

Yep i know. I live in Holland and they don't really celebrate christmas.
I have 1 day to make a random gun that comes out!!!!!!!!!!!