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Christmas gift for girl friend??????????? Answered

I need a realy simple home made gift for my girlfriend
her favorite colors are blue and green and her favorite animal is a tree frog
can someone please help
im no craftsman and i need somthing awsome


Take her out shopping with some sort of excuse like, "I need to buy a present for my mom.  Wanna go to the mall with me?"  And then just wander around the stores hanging out and looking.  She will more than likely be attracted to something, and you need to make mental notes of what she likes.  From those observations, start searching online for tutorials for similar items.

For instance, she might see a scarf and say, "I love that scarf, but it would be awesome if it was black with blue skulls."  Then you can find a fabric matching that description and make one for her.  If you can't find the fabric, you might have to print one yourself, but then it's even more special because it's definitely unique.  The bonus is that scarves are easy to make.  You could potentially send the fabric to a seamstress/tailor/alteration store and ask them to sew a rolled hem, and it shouldn't cost much at all.  Even if you didn't actually make the entire thing, more than likely you won't be spinning cotton into thread and weaving the fabric, you were able to source it and have it made.

My brother made his girlfriend a magnetized necklace/bracelet for her birthday and she loves it. He got fancy and made the beads himself, but you can purchase some inexpensively at a craft or bead store. There's a good video about how to start & finish jewelry using crimp beads here:


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