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Chumby Widgets Answered

Hey! For xmas I got a chumby. I've been wanting to make widgets, but don't know where to start. Could someone make an instructable on how to make a chumby widget?


ooooo yeah i forgot about him. he has a chumby widget account by the same name. i guess i'll message him.

Hehe, have no fear, zachninme is here!
(I've always wanted to say that)

You'll probably need Macromedia Flash. However, this will run you $300 or so dollars new. (I bought my copy off eBay for slightly cheeper)

It *is* possible to do without it, but I highly advise against doing so, unless you're already well-versed in another programming language. If so, you can use Ming.

I'm sorry there aren't more options, at least that I know about.... :-(