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Circle hole problem? Answered

The last time I used the circle hole thing, the saw part kept coming off the round thing that attaches it to the drill. I would have my husband show me what I was doing wrong but he has been sick. Is there some locking mechanism that keeps it in place while in operation?

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-01-31

Most hole saws are 2 parts: the hole saw of the diameter you want, and a drill portion with a threaded portion to install the hole saw. On the threaded portion of the drill there should be a notch that lines up with a corresponding notch on the hole saw, which will lock the saw in place on the drill bit.

Some hole saws are different and have a small finger on the drill bit that lines up with a hole on the saw, or the drill and saw have asymmetrical openings which line up and retain the saw in place. I show you how to assemble a hole saw in the lesson on drilling in a short video.

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