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I have a Sony hcd-fx10 dvd home theater system, and one day I turned it on and it went into protect mode. I contacted Sony and they said it needs to be serviced. I found a service manual online and took the unit apart. I consider myself handy, so this was not a problem. Upon further investigation and with use of the service manual, i found a brown burn mark on the bottom of the motherboard, which corralates to the protection detection module on the board; which is my prblem. My question is, Can I simply remove this module, or does it need to be replaced with a new one or something similar? I don't know much about circuitboards but have some skill at soldering. Attached are pictures, the best I could get of the small board, showing the actual module on the board and the burn mark on the bottom of the board. Any info would be great. Thanks.

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lemonie (author)2009-02-18

This is out of warranty, or you've just invalidated it? I don't know baht Sony mean by "serviced" - that's what you do to things with moving parts. It strikes me that Sony didn't know what the problem was, and neither do I. Going into "protect mode" sounds like a software feature - you didn't put anything "non-standard" in there? Maybe a BIOS-type reset would fix - any batteries or jumpers in there? L

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11010010110 (author)2009-02-18

i dont see anything bad in the images. the red stuff under the board is soldering amterial left there since manufacture the chip on the cooler looks like a voltage regulator and not any protection related stuff does it say anything else on the protection mode screen ? is it copy protection / protection against improper connection of external devices / protection of improper voltages / something else ?

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