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Citing another, or two instructables. Answered

How do I direct visitors of my instructable to someone elses? User RedHandFilms has a featured on about building a basking rock for a bearded dragon, I built rocks to submerge and grow moss. I would like to give RedHandFilms credit for inspiration.


Just include a link to the other I'ble in your introduction.  If you're not sure how to do that (i.e., what key commands etc.) just say so and we can walk you through it.

I can copy and paste the address but i wanted a one-click type of thing..

Or you click the Source button and manually add the hyperlink:
<A HREF="LINK">one click text</A>


Lemonie, the topic author can't do that.  It's a paid-only extension.

I thought the particular link function you described was part of the same set - OK it isn't then.


Right.  So in your intro, type the bit of text you want to use as a citation.  Highlight that text with your mouse, and click the little "globe and chain" icon, next to the italics icon.  That will bring up a dialogue box.  Paste the URL (address) into that dialogue box and hit OK.  Now your original bit of text will be a clickable hyperlink.