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Citric Acid: where do I go to find this substance? Answered


Go to mystic mountian sage. The website has everything you could ever need. I got a 5lb tub of citric acid and found more wonderful items like oils, dried flower petals, and even heat sealing tea bags (they say use an iron, but I found my chi works best). Just be careful and dont buy everything you see. Some things can get expensive!

I found it a Kroger supermarkets one time.  I had a recipe that used it and there it was in the spice rack.

 It may be available in your local pharmacy in liquid form.  It's sometimes used to empty the lower abdomen before lower GI tests.

Thanks -- does it have a brand name?  If I ask the pharmacist would he know what I was talking about?

I don't know what the brand name is but if you tell the pharmacist what you need if he has it and it's not controlled he will point you to it.

You can buy it at most grocery stores, health stores, and this guy crystallised it from lemon juice.  Don't know how pure it would be though.

Citrus fruits.

Or are you looking for the purified version? If so, there are cookery stores which sell it; a quick websearch immediately finds some of those.