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Clamping PVC pipe? Answered

You did not mention using a vise or a pipe vise. I use a piece of rope with a knot at one end, threaded through two holes in a scrap 2x4, the holes are 2" apart. The rest is tied into a loop that lets me put my foot in it to apply pressure, then this is clamped down or screwed down to a work table. The Pipe slides through the loop on the board, pressure from your foot holds it in place while cutting it. If you put too much pressure on the loop you can crush the pipe. I was wondering if you had seen or used a clamping system like this?

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audreyobscuraBest Answer (author)2017-05-01

That's super smart! I had never worked with pipe like that. If make a high quality instructable demonstrating that technique, I'll feature it in my class :D

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