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Class Project box not available ? Answered

Somehow I can't access the class project box for this lesson anymore.
I know it was there before and it is still available in other lessons.
I tried with a new login and different browsers but no luck.
Is this a general issue or am I the only one with this problem ?

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-03-19

I removed the project box, as it's a gate to completion. To encourage participation, and open the dialogue to more than just the project tutorial, I removed that box.

I'd love to see your project, though! You can share it in a reply here and "add photo" :)

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fbosma (author)mikeasaurus2017-03-19

Thanks for your reply !
I made the board of several pieces of oak, pine and some red hardwood leftover of an old garden bench. It was coated with shellac which made it somewhat orange and I'm not entirely sure if it will be enough protection for outside, but if necessary I'll sand it down later on and re-do the protection with exterior coating.
The number was made from some plywood, stained with walnut ink and then coated with outdoor clear coating, I used 2 spacers of wood bar to lift the number from the board and then screwed it in place from the back.
I'll post one more picture later on when it is mounted on the house !
I love these classes ! It makes for some awesome presents while I'm improving my skills !

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mikeasaurus (author)fbosma2017-03-20

That's a smart looking house number! I think the orange tinge goes well with the dark number. Thanks for sharing!

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