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Class project? Videos? Answered

Where can I find the class project for this lesson? I can't see any videos and I've checked for add-ons.

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-10-26

The class projects were broken out into full length Instructables to better help guide the learning.

Lesson 2 - Making Straight Cuts has Easy Yard Dice

Lesson 3 - All About Glue has Scrap Wood House Numbers

Lesson 4 - Drilling Perfect Holes has Upcycled Bottle Vase

Lesson 6 - Wood Shaping has Simple Salad Servers

Lesson 7 - Hand Router has Magnetic Knife Rack

Lesson 8 - Bevels and Miters has a simple Picture Frame

The capstone project for the Woodworking Class is the Log Table

A bonus for this class is 9 Easy Ways to Distress Wood, which can help enhance any of the above projects.

Happy making :)

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thehoss (author)mikeasaurus2017-10-28

Ok Mikeasaurus, I finally followed your reply and 'found' the projects. Thank you so. Now the lessons make much more sense. Still can't get the videos but I guess it's a work-in-progress for me. I think I'll try the bottle vase thingy first. I'll post it when I finish I hope.lol

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