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Cleaning Glass Cullet: getting the labels off already smashed bottles Answered

Short Ver:  I'm looking for a way to get the paper, foil, glue, and plastic labels off the bits of glass that have been smashed at the recycling center.

Long Story:  There are several good uses for recycling glass cullet, the glass is plentiful at the local recycling center, they get very little for it because there isn't a re-user within efficient shipping range.  I was looking into buying recycled glass to use in a project, but shipping to get it delivered is outrageous $. 
I want to start off with glass as the aggregate in concrete countertops.  That's a lot of glass - a couple hundred pounds per countertop.  Yes, they're very heavy.  I've internet searched to my bandwidth limit.  No-one nearby does the glass cullett thing.
So, I went to the local recycling center and picked up a couple of 5 gallon buckets of smashed glass.  Really great.  Now, how do I get all the labels off? 

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RedneckEngineer (author)2011-08-21

Use the viniger and the bucket. Agitate, stir, spin, or other form of mixing and the glass rubbing on each other plus the viniger should get it off. Just a thought.

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BeadfulThings (author)2011-05-05

Hot water and vinegar soak usually takes labels off for me without any scrubbing. Vinegar is an organic acid and it may do a good job of dissolving the sticky goo. Hope that helps! :)

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