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Clever way to extend a Manhasset music stand? Answered

I'd like to be able to extend my 20" stand to 36", so it'll hold three sheets of music instead of two. The solution should be easy to remove or fold up when not needed.

I know that professionally-made stand extenders are available (e.g. "Stand-Outs"), but I thought I'd give you guys a crack at it first.  ;?)


Here is the brand new website for the music stand extender...www.holdyournotes.com

I have a solution for you that is portable and protects your music. I have a product in the works that the design is finished on and production starts this week. They sell for 17.95 plus shipping. If you are interested, e-mail me at... standextender@gmail.com

This is something I designed as a guitar player and I have used my prototype every week for the past 6 months. My website is being created this week also.

Mine holds up 12 - 8 1/2x11 sheets and you can see 4 - 8 1/2x11 at one time without turning a page.

How about a thin plywood "tray" with a wooden ledge at the bottom that is wide enough for 3 pieces of music and it just lays in the stand covering the original stand.  You can get 1/8" plywood at a hobby shop or use 1/8" tempered masonite and paint it.

You could get a piece of sheet metal cut it to size then bend a ledge in the bottom.  Paint it to match the original stand.

When not in use just put them in the corner or lean them up against the wall.

You could make them foldout but that just going to make them flimsy and bulkier.