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Clickable Keywords Answered

When logged in and viewing a personal Instructable there is a keyword list.  We can add and delete words very easily.  Nice feature.

Until very recently we could also click on any of the keywords in the list and it would take us to a page of similar projects based on that keyword.  This was very useful to track all teammates for the Makerspace contest.  

Why does this click option no longer work. Now every link defaults to the "everything" category.

Would be nice to have that link feature back.


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ModMischief (author)2017-07-29

I also miss this feature. It was useful to be able to link to everything with a specific tag.

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emilyvanleemput (author)2017-07-22

I'm not sure why the clicking option isn't working anymore. What I found useful to do as a temporary solution is just type in the keyword in the search bar. As far as I've tried it, it's pretty consistent with showing the right maker space projects

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