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Cloth to use to make a fiberglass hood scoop? Answered

Hello, I have a question about the cloth to use to make a fiberglass hood scoop from a plug. A friend of mine gave me a roll of stuff called Permaglas mesh. Can this be used to construct my hood scoop? It seems to be made from polyester and it is very strong.  Another question can you used hardboard (same material that peg board is made from)  to make the plug? Thank You to all that can help me, Tony

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iceng (author)2012-04-23

You need a fiber material that a thick tropic epoxy can permeate.
Cardboard and pegboard are called board because it is a pressed
material without open spaces or long fibrous material like glass cloth 
or glass mesh for the epoxy to hold.

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rickharris (author)2012-04-23

1. If the material is suitable for the resin then it should be OK

2. You can use anything that you can shape for the plug, remember it should be smooth and treated with a release agent because resins make good glues.

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