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Coax Antenna 4-Way Splitting Help? Answered

I am having troubles splitting my antenna to 4 T.V's, all digital, ( set top boxes inside ).

As you can see in the image, I have split the antenna 4 times, all the 3 TV's inside the house are working, but the external shed cannot pick up a signal. ( Shed in green ) It seems to almost pick up a station when scanning for channels, but they are still hidden behind blur, distortion and ants running over the screen. No channels pick up after scan is complete.

The cable was dug underground through conduit sleeve to the shed from the splitter.

The red "Mains" cable is about half a meter away from the aerial conduit line. Is this a problem?

Am I needing a mast amplifier? Or a "Booster" somewhere?

Help would be much appreciated, thank you.


The low frequency channels will have less loss than the UHF ones. So... if you notice the low channels such as 2, 3, 4, etc work ok, but the high frequency channels (UHF) dont work, then it is probably due to the excessive length of the coaxial wire. You may be able to fix it by placing an RF amplifier at the antenna. This way, you are amplifying a good signal and pushing it down the cable stronger. Do not put the amplifier after the splitter because you will just be amplifying a bad (weak) signal. It is also possible you have a bad splitter. Also, try one of the "good" tv's out of the house and try it in the shed.. this eliminates the possibility the shed's TV has some malfunction. If both tv's FAIL to work in the shed, then it is not the TV's fault. You could try running a temporary wire to replace the underground wire. Just run it above the ground into the shed and see if the problem clears up. If it clears up... the problem is the underground wire may be damaged and filled with water.


5 years ago

Can each TV do a good signal individually without the splitter ?

Gut instinct would say you needed an amp, but since the other three work, I suspect its something to do with the cable.

Try running a cable over ground, and see if that works.