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Code Name: SYCAMORE Gun Answered

Uhn son I finally got me a semi auto. It looks like crap, it fires like crap, but it works...well mostly like crap but not quite as crappy as how bad it looks and fires. I was surprised it worked right away seeing how it literally took me less than a minute to build this after thinking it up. If it weren't for the horrible accuracy this would actually be my new favorite side arm for indoor battles. You can use dark greys for ammo too but they don't get nearly as much range because they unclip easier. Anyways here's a video.




8 years ago

I was tired of people complaining.
Mine's different than Dunkis'. Deal with it.


i still can't make it from the pics!

Are you freaking kidding me? WHAT DON'T YOU GET?!?!

i am not freaking kidding you! i don't get the insides!

The insides are easy! There's a grey connector connecting the red connector on the trigger and the green connector that fires. How hard is that?

This is it. I'm not posting any more pictures. If you can't build this now, just sell your knex.


Thanks a lot, i owe you one.....

you crossed out yes you do!


rare you leaving dunkis and did ironman leave 

Not to mention the fact that YOU CAN SEE THAT IN THE FIRST PICTURE.

Ace... The Helpful Place...
*sibilant hiss*

You don't need to use a spring if you don't want to. I found mine years ago laying around somewhere in my old school. You could probably make a normal mag pusher for it I just didn't have the patience to figure out where to hook up the bands and such.

well i made one but its very large i would rather go with the spring though(ill try to get pics soon)

Looks about the same too me. Thanks. I'll see if I can remake it soon. I just gotta find my SD card and adapter and then post OodAst3.6 and I'll be good to go.

It's basically the same thing, but I didn't want somebody *ahemsmileyandseleziona* replying and saying "BUT HAE THATS NOT THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

No gun is ever the same. I never remake my guns the exact same way except for maybe my pistols. As long as it works, people need to learn to get over it. Anything you changed was probably an improvement seeing how this was about as basic as it got. Feel free to improve the handle, find a rubber band powered mag pusher, and add anything else you want to and post it yourself if you want to. Otherwise I'll post it later.

Yeah, I don't have the patience with people to post this. Not gonna happen.

And yeah, I do the same thing. I don't think I've ever built something that uses more than 50 pieces without modifying it a bit.

That only looks like a 2 part difference.


7 years ago

"Pew Pew Pew" lol

Wow, this is pretty cool. I'm a year late on this, but this is amazing.

lol haha the wird thing for mine is taht it aims diagonally
towards the floor

can you please post? or can somebody??

okay! *looks at roof and sees a ghost*

I guess it was a pretty easy build though I lacked the pieces to make it better. Now I have pieces open so I could probably remake it and post it.

Pew Pew Pew Pew...


8 years ago

Well, I made it. But I had to go buy two spaces for it. It gets about 11 ft. for range. Not bad actually... But I wish loading was easier, and that it didn't need the dang spring(s). Because if it didn't, I'd make a buttload of 'em, and have a mini-war.

Can you post a picture?

Uh... I lost my camera... If I find it, and TD doesn't mind, I will. It's not that tough anyway.


Well go improvise some rubber bands then. This is why I freak out when people build my guns after I show just the first version I made. They think the first version is the final version or something and that I won't make it any better. Anyways yeah. I was thinking that in the final version I'd make a locking mag pusher or something. I also had an idea that you could probably make the trigger like 2-3 connectors wide and you'd get a semi auto shotgun.

Would you mind if I put up a picture of this? (Look above.)

Sure go ahead just know it won't be my final version.

Ok. Now I just have to find my camera... GRRRRRRRRRRRR

WOAHWOAHWOAH. I didn't mean to imply that, I'm just pointing out some things that could be better. You've asked me to give you ideas before, I did again. Anywho, I tried to get some bands on there, but it sucked worse, so... yeah.
I like the semi-auto shotgun thing. But I'd probably make it a gray rod long.

*...two springs...* Oops. =P