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Coffee Table out of old medicine cabinets Answered

Hey Guys, I recently bough a house in the sunny sanfernando valley and I am remodeling. but i would like to re-purpose the old building materials. I am a good idea man but i lack the time to make some of the things I would like to try. I thought that with some wood scraps and my old mirrored medicine cabinets i could make some sweet end tables for my den. any suggestions? Maybe someone in the LA area would like to collaborate I provide the materials and we could make some great things. Also on a completely separate note i would like to convert a drill press into a shave ice machine.... any thoughts ? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


The mirrored medicine cabinets would make great tables, but you would have to find a way to support the mirror material. I'm not sure how tough the material would be, and how easily it would break. You may consider putting a support underneath to prevent it from breaking.

Yeah I mean the design would be like building a hollow table essentially. I wanted to use the mirrored finish of the medicine cabinet as the top of the end table but after some suggestions it may make a better front or the table, i could use the actual cabinet to store tv remotes or something and make a much more sturdy top. still kicking the idea around in my brain thanks for helping me out ....

Medicine cabinets would probably make great endtables. They can be a front with some storage. Extend out the back and add legs/top. Do a mosaic tile top or finished wood. A drill press would probably have the power you need to shave ice but you would have to fashion some sort of blade. I'm not sure if modding a food processor disk blade would hold up. I've never seen a real ice shave machine in action so you will need to know if it runs on high or low rpm. There is a science behind shaved ice or the different sno-cone. Good luck.