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Coffins, Death, and Floral Prints Answered

I've been thinking a lot about coffins lately.  I went to my grandmother-in-law's funeral back in May, and I've seen that episode of "King of the Hill" in which Hank and Peggy build their own coffins.  Building coffins seems like a good "Date Night" type of activity, but what kind of coffin?  Coffins range all over the place!  There's aluminum, wood, shiny, matte, burlap sack, wicker, Cadillac...  I don't even want to get into tombstones.  Phew!  I think I want a nice shabby chic one with a large floral patterned cotton interior and a white washed beadboard exterior although I am a bit taken with these.

Thoughts?  What do you want for a final resting container?

(If you just want to be burned, compressed, dissolved, stuffed, or donated, don't bother replying.)


metal maybe lead but with a phone or a gun in it in case i come back alive

Cardboard box under a tree for me.

Oak, or maybe horse chestnut. Although, a mountain ash would attract the birds...

Some of those carrion crows can be persistent...

I intend to be cremated and put in a nutshell. People who could never figure me out can look on the mantel and say "Well that's Nina in a nutshell". Yes, I know only part of me will fit, the rest, hopefully my head, can be thrown into the clouds so people can say her head was always in the clouds. If they want to cut off my feet those could be buried so people could say "her feet were always..."

it might be nice to be turned into cat food / bird food then a skeleton (medical -type). that's more comprehensive recycling?


I don't want to waste that much space after I am dead.....get me back to work right away with a cremation and "crop dusting" (I know, that second part is not legal anymore, but I am sure permits can be gotten to get me scattered somewhere, maybe in a friends garden or compost pile....

Besides, a preplanned cremation is SOOOOO much cheaper.....

>Building coffins seems like a good "Date Night" type of activity

I...what kind of date nights do you have???

My first date with m wife involved both a corpse and a coffin, knew she was the one right then.

My wife and I met online, way back when it was still "weird", 97ish. So  when I first flew up to meet her, we decided, for safety sake, to go to her parents house (didn't want her taking advantage of me).

So imagine the stress I'm under, just met this girl....
Going to her parents house...
And her father is a Funeral Director...

Later on we decided to go out for coffee, the garage door was locked so she's like "We'll just cut through the funeral home."

Little did I know they were doing a service in the morning, so there's this guy laid out in his coffin.  ~gulp~

I'll admit, I kept looking over my shoulder when I passed him.

The next day her dad asks "Can you help me move some caskets around in the showroom?"
Well, what am I gonna say? No?

So to cut the story short, I, of course, proposed on the second date.


Thanks for explaining!

(You're making that up, aren't you? )

(Yeah you're making that up)


7 years ago

I want a front bike basket like that.