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Coil gun projectiles? Answered

Will solid discs (think coin-sized) work as coil-gun ammunition?

Or is a hole in the centre absolutely required for the eddy-currents to flow?


It would probably go out of the barrel, but a disc isn't the most ideal projectile. Had a little experiment the other day walking down the stair shaft at uni, dropped a couple coins down the middle and watched. The coin flips and flops and generally doesn't hit the bottom. If you put some kind of spin on it then it'd be brilliant, but pointed cylinders fly the best, at least in my coilgun :D Good luck.

There's a design that fires discs edge-first, but the ammunition shown in the design is washer-like (ie, a hole in the centre). I had been hoping one could be made to fire coins at a target, as a charity money-raiser.

Pretty sure any metal conductor will work, but with a varied effect.

A solid projectile will work(most DIY projectiles are solid). However, I don't think that a coin would stay upright in a barrel. A bullet shape would work though.

I think electromagnetic accelerators(the ones that can fire non-ferrous projectiles) that use washers for ammunition use a slightly different principle than regular coilguns.