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Coil winding :( Answered

Someone please help me.. My hands are getting so tired from doing this!! Ok, My first attempt was simple, Put cardboard on sides of pen, hot glue it down, wind coil. Works great for 18 22 gauge. Got some new 14 gauge wire, well, its A LOT harder than I expected :( What can I do to make winding 40 ft of 14 gauge wire fast and easy? Is there any way I can get it on a power drill or at least something that will make turning it easy? After 2 neat layers on my pen and a lot of tight holding, the 3rd layer started pushing the lower layers away, making the coil get messy :(


I have a machine i designed myself that can wind whatever you need VERY FAST. its a simple design really, but it took a while to figure it out. i was able to wind a 3ft long by 3inch wide pvc pipe with AWG 28 wire in bout 15 minutes! i am thinking of putting the design up on instructables, but im not sure yet.

if the coil oes not have to be compact and neat there is the hack with the ide cable


9 years ago

I don't know how long a coil you're trying to get, but previously I just chucked a pen up in a drill, added the cardboard sides (so that it's smaller than the pen) and then pulled the trigger. but if you want neat coils, you should probably wrap a layer of paper or tape in between layers. Good luck

Actually if you keep it tight it should stack up nicely, the next layer kind of falls between the ridges naturally, but it'll go wrong easily aswell...