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Coin Segregation Designs - Can anyone Help? Answered

hey Guys... Need your advise on this.
from coin slot to coin segregation, so what do you think?

- I plan on using ARDUINO UNO
- Mainly i have thought of 2 Designs on how to do the separation of coins when it comes out of the coin slot. I have included images so you can see the my ideas.

- for the 1st one (three shutters in alignment with the path of the coin), when a specific coin is detected the corresponding shutter will open.
- for the 2nd one (using One Motor), when a specific coin is detected it rotates to a specific and programmed angle.

- p.s. it would be most efficient if anyone can suggest how can i make the shutters in the first design reverse rotate to set it back into position.
- What do you think is more Economical, Efficient, and above all much easier to do of the two?

- Need your suggestions/advise/comments/recommendations on this. What do you recommend on the 2 designs?
- if so, what motors can i use?

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quatch (author)2012-11-23

Have a look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTNdE72Lns4

There are a bunch of rotating sorters like this floating about, might be easier to homebuild than the slot you have.

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quatch (author)quatch2012-11-23

As to differentianting coins, I'd stick with size. They change colour with age, and weight based on minting year (remember those news stories about machines rejecting the new $X?). Although weight is probably ok if you don't want to worry about perfection (and slug detection).

if you coin rolled down a ramp that had a series of very fine slot photointerrupters set at the heights of coins, it might work.

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frollard (author)2012-11-22

The easiest way is to sort by size -- as the coins roll along if they are tall enough they are knocked into an appropriate bin (or fall through a hole to an appropriate bin).

I know you want to do an arduino project, so if you can determine the make of the coin by other sensor means (acceleration, magnetometer, mass, sound, ultrasonic, etc) -- then the 2nd (picture) option where it moves a trough is the simpler design using a servo to accurately place the trough once the coin is determined.

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